Shungite Hoops

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Black Shungite is a rare stone that’s believed to protect against harmful germs, pollutants + free radicals, as well as serve as a shield against electromagnetic field exposure*

There’s a lot of incredibly interesting information on Shungite, yet origin is mysterious. This stone is comprised of carbon; however, dating back to at least 2 billion years, it predates organic life on Earth*

Other purported benefits of Shungite include purifying water + relieving stress, as it’s said to soak up negative energy + balm emotions*

Shungite is also believed to heal the lower Chakras + is referred to as the “miracle stone” or “stone of life” by some*

Shungite points are paired with antique brass-plated hoops + antique brass-plated Niobium earwire 

Approximately 2.5" in length