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Naturally Awear creates handcrafted pieces that are meaningful + made with intention + great attention to detail + quality. 

At times, I adaptively re-use materials to create my pieces, as an eco-conscious way to breathe new life into well-loved jewelry that may otherwise have been discarded or underutilized.*

Naturally Awear is located in South Carolina, where the landscape is ecologically vast + diverse. Nestled against the Atlantic Ocean, SC is home to beautiful salt marshes, sandy beaches, flowing blackwater rivers, pluff mud, cypress swamps, pristine mountain woodlands, granite outcroppings, waterfalls, canopies of live oaks, migratory birds + miles of sunflowers + cotton. All are vital habitats for the plant + animal kingdoms, including us humans + serve as inspiration for many of my creations.

*Reusing materials, including vintage components, does not always allow us to be certain of the composition + origin of these materials; therefore, we do not recommend you wear our products if you have known allergies or are sensitive to metals + other materials used in jewelry making. 



Growing up along SC’s coast with my feet deeply rooted in pluff mud, my life has always been influenced by natural environments that provide invaluable habitat for flora + fauna. Born into a family of nature-loving artists, including my mother who was a painter of birds + Lowcountry landscapes, my artwork has inevitably been influenced by Nature. 

Although focusing my time on jewelry design, I am also a perpetual student of many interests that influence my work ~ I recently completed a six-month long course in Sustainable Agriculture, received a certification as a Master Naturalist + am a lifelong student of the art of Herbalism.

I love procuring beautiful stones + hardware + handcrafting pieces into unique, natural by design jewelry. 

Naturally Awear is a woman-owned, small business, where I am the sole owner, designer, creator, photographer, writer, label maker + marketing director. I handcraft + package each uniquely designed piece with great care + love.

With gratitude, naturally awear 



Thank you for visiting naturally awear's online shop.

Please visit my Instagram page @naturallyawear to view updates on new pieces as they're being created. If you see a piece on Instagram or in this shop (click here Catalog to see a collection of pieces sold) you're interested in ordering, but it's no longer available, please let me know via email or Instagram DM. If similar stones + materials are in stock, I am happy to talk with you about a custom order.