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Dendritic Opal Hoops

Dendritic Opal Hoops

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Dendritic Opal on antique silver-plated boho hoops with grey Niobium earwire

This common Opal is identifiable by its black markings, which is Manganese. This creates a distinct leaf or branch shape that resembles a fern or a tree. Dendritic refers to an object with leaf/branch-like forms. This is why you might hear this stone referred to as Moss Opal.

Also known as Merlinite, Dendritic Opal is said to be used by healers, mystics + shamans to connect with the"center of the world"*

With its black + white properties, it's believed to be a strong yin yang balancing crystal*

Dendritic opals are said to possess a heightened connection to past lives + inner healing*

Length: 3.25" from earwire to edge of stones