Amazonite Hoops

Amazonite Hoops

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Amazonite stones on raw brass hoops

The Niobium anodized brass color French hook earwires are made in the USA from Niobium, a metal element that is usually able to be worn by people who have metal allergies. The manufacturer, TierraCast, states that "Niobium is completely hypoallergenic and with proper care will never tarnish or fade." According to another source, Niobium is always nickel free, because it is a pure metal and not an alloy.

Named for the Amazon River, Amazonite is believed to calm + soothe the spirit with its powerful energies*

It’s been treasured since ancient times for its healing powers + turquoise-green beauty*

Associated with the Heart + Throat Chakras, Amazonite is said to harmonize + balance the soul + has been used in connecting with Nature Spirits*