Our Signature African Turquoise Dangles

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These long coin drops are one of our original, signature designs.

African Turquoise is said to be all about evolution + change*

It's believed to bring about positive change + transformation*

This stone is also said to uplift the spirit + teaches us how to go with the flow of things*

Sterling silver-plated frame with brass or stainless steel coin chain  

Earwire will be Niobium or 14k gold-filled, not brass as shown in photos

There will be some variation in design from these images due to available materials. 

Please Note: The pair of earrings shown in these images may have sold; however, we have stones in stock to create another pair. Please know that due to the handcrafted nature of our pieces + use of natural gemstones + crystals, no two pieces are identical, and there may be variations in the stones' natural colors + sizes + in the final product.