Falcon's Eye (Blue Tiger's Eye) Drops

Falcon's Eye (Blue Tiger's Eye) Drops

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A protective stone, Falcon’s Eye is believed to be the most supreme of the eye stones due to its properties of warding off curses + nightmares, as well as fostering deeper awareness + insights + increasing clairvoyance*

Falcons’ Eye is said to be a powerful stone for healing Earth energies, reducing stress + anxiety, providing self-guidance + self-understanding + increasing motivation + willpower*

Hammered raw brass moons + Niobium earwire

Please Note: The pair of earrings shown in these images has sold; however, another pair is available. Please know that due to the handcrafted nature of the pieces + use of natural gemstones + crystals, no two pieces are identical, and there may be variations in the stones' natural colors + sizes + in the final product.