Earthy Turquoise + Leather Fringe

Earthy Turquoise + Leather Fringe

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Earthy Turquoise Inspired by Nature

african turquoise heishi + antique copper beads combine for nature-inspired, meaningful artwear ~ naturally simple + inspired by the rich tones of our beautiful earth 🌿

because copper is said to act as a conductor when worn, it has long been believed to enhance the energy + healing properties of any stone that is paired with it. Turquoise is an ancient healing + protective stone that is believed to become very powerful when used with copper 💚 Turquoise is a symbol of friendship + said to unite the sky + earth + promote a peaceful spirit. 

Length of necklace: approx. 23 1/2" - 24"

antique copper pewter cylinder flower bead (8x7mm) + antique copper pewter beads (7x2mm) + antique copper pewter cylinder filigree beads (8x8mm) + copper ring