Thank you for your support during 2020! It’s been a super challenging year for everyone, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your kind words + orders through it all. And, as COVID has kept me from seeing you at markets this year, your continued interest in my work is beyond appreciated! I will continue to ship orders + offer local Drop + Dash, no contact delivery within certain areas (see shipping information). Thank you for your continued support! Wishing you and yours a magical holiday season!
Tourmaline Mask/Glasses Holder/Necklace

Tourmaline Mask/Glasses Holder/Necklace

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Gold-plated chain, beads, and clasps

The clasps can also be joined for wear as a necklace. Also, Eyeglass hoops can be attached to the clasps, so you can wear your glasses on this piece when your mask is not required. Included with your purchase of this masklace are two gold-plated brass and black rubber eyeglass holders for your glasses/sunglasses. 

Black Tourmaline (Regeneration+Creativity) 

+believed to protect against negativity*

+it’s also said to be a grounding stone that possesses protective + balancing energies*

Green Tourmaline (Heart Chakra)

+an Earth energy stone, Green Tourmaline is believed to be connected to the Earth + nature spirits + be an Earth healing stone*

+it’s sometimes used by gardeners, who may place tourmaline in their gardens to encourage their plants to grow*

+it’s been used by herbalists to gain a stronger understanding of the energy flow between the plant + mineral kingdoms + to increase the effectiveness of plant healing*

Pink Tourmaline 

+it’s believed to be a Shamanic stone that helps release stress + anxiety + stimulates happiness + peace*🌈

Eyeglass loops that can be attached to the clasps to hold your sunglasses are included