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Pink + Green Tourmaline on matte gold-plated fringe

Pink + Green Tourmaline on matte gold-plated fringe

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matte gold-plated fringe with pink + green tourmaline

Green tourmaline is an Earth energy stone + is believed to be connected to the Earth + nature spirits * It's sometimes used by those who work in nature, such as gardeners, who may place tourmaline in their gardens to encourage their plants to grow * Green Tourmaline is associated with the Heart Chakra + is believed to balance + harmonize the chakras * It's believed to be an earth healing stone + carry the essence of the plant kingdom ~ it's been used by herbalists to gain a stronger understanding of the energy flow between the mineral + plant kingdoms + to increase the effectiveness of plant healing*

Pink tourmaline is said to be a shamanic stone that helps release stress + anxiety + stimulates happiness + peace * 

Please note that the earrings shown are no longer available; however, we have a similar pair ready for its new home! Also note that the tourmaline stones will not look exactly as those shown in the image but will be similar. If you'd like to customize your order with antique gold-plated (shown) or antique silver-plated fringe, please email me at