Hello! I'm extending my market hiatus due to COVID-19. However, I am continuing to ship orders on a regular basis + customers are typically receiving them in 2-3 business days (custom orders may take longer). I am also offering Drop + Dash, no contact deliveries to local customers (Charleston, SC). Thank you for your continued support + patience!
Fluorite Teardrops

Fluorite Teardrops

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The “Rainbow Keeper” Fluorite is said to clear negative energies + harmonize spiritual energy *

It’s believed to increase intuitive abilities + mental clarity *

Rainbow Fluorite is said to hold a combination of healing properties of all colors of this stone, while Purple Fluorite is believed to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra *

The pair of teardrops shown here have sold; however, we can make a similar pair upon order. Please know that due to the handcrafted nature of our pieces + use of natural gemstones + crystals, no two pieces are identical, and there will be some variations in the final products.