ethereal luna necklace

ethereal luna necklace

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ethereal moonstones along a quarter moon of matte onyx 🌙

honoring luna + the feminine energies of the sacred moonstone + protective energies of onyx.

moonstone is believed to be directly connected to the moon ~ it is said to similarly embody the natural rhythms of the moon, which has guided humanity for millions of years + whose gravitational pull creates Mother Earth's ocean tides. The white moonstone is believed to possess the highest new moon energy. The moon is associated with the sacral chakra ~ as is moonstone. *

The quarter moon piece is onyx (matte), a root chakra stone believed to have protective energies + guard against negativity. *

antique brass-plated flat cable chain with antique brass-plated toggle clasp

length: approx. 9 3/4" - 10"