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Charoite Copper drops

Charoite Copper drops

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Charoite is a powerful crystal said to highly protective * Charoite is believed to be especially significant to healers due to its energies that inspire one to be of service to others + to Spirit * Named after its place of origin, Russia's Chara River, it's also said to aid in fusing the heart + crown chakras, which is believed to create a space of unconditional love * 

Niobium earwire (hypoallergenic) 

Charoite is more purple in color than image illustrates

Copper rectangles

Please note: The exact pair of earrings shown in the images is no longer available. However, another pair of the same design will be handcrafted upon order. While the materials + style will be similar, there may be slight variations in each piece due to their handcrafted nature + due to the natural materials, such as gemstones + crystals, used in each piece.