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Amazonite Mask Holder

Amazonite Mask Holder

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Named for the Amazon River, Amazonite has been treasured since ancient times for its healing powers + beauty
The turquoise-green color of ancient waters, Amazonite is believed to calm + soothe the spirit with its powerful energy*
Associated with the Heart + Throat Chakras, Amazonite is said to harmonize + balance the soul + has been used in connecting with Nature Spirits*
Celtic antique silver-plated beads + silver-plated clasps
The Amazonite Mask Holder shown in these images has sold. However, we do have another Amazonite mask holder in stock that has minor modifications to the area at the clasps. Please note as well that due to the handcrafted nature of this piece + use of natural stones, there will be variations in the pieces.
Eyeglass loops that can be attached to the clasps to hold your sunglasses are included