Thank you for stopping by! We are continually updating our shop with new pieces for 2020, so please check back from time-to-time. If you are in Charleston, SC, please visit us each Sunday at the Sunday Brunch Farmers Market at 1977 Maybank Highway on James Island + during the January 18th Charleston Night Bazaar at the Pacific Box + Crate Company located at 1503 King Street. You can also follow us on Instagram @naturallyawear ~ Happy New Year!

about us

naturally awear creates handcrafted pieces that are meaningful + made with intention + great attention to detail + quality. Our jewelry is natural by design, created with a passion for the natural world. 

We are located in South Carolina, where the landscape is ecologically vast + diverse. Nestled against the Atlantic Ocean, SC is home to beautiful salt marshes, sandy beaches, flowing blackwater rivers, pluff mud, cypress swamps, pristine mountain woodlands, granite outcroppings, waterfalls, canopies of live oaks, migratory birds + miles of sunflowers + cotton. All are vital habitats for the plant + animal kingdoms, including us humans. 

We are concerned about altered ecosystems, loss of habitat + the increase in threatened species due to human activity. SC has one of the fastest conversion rates of rural-to-urban land. We must find a way to balance growth + conservation + realize that although an area may be urbanized, Nature is still present + must be allowed to co-exist + thrive.

Our jewelry can also be found locally in Charleston, SC, every Sunday at the Sunday Brunch Farmers Market held 11am-3pm at the Charleston Pour House on James Island. Come see us! And, please visit our Instagram page @naturallyawear to find our about other local markets + festivals we are attending 🌿